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The Death Of Imagination

I have foreseen the future of the human race by extrapolating from current trends.

Today we all dwell within an age that must yet be classified as being within the subheading of darkness; i.e, despite advances in technology, I feel we are most likely in our darkest hour.

I believe this is because we, as virtual cavemen, are still possessed by our imaginations. Hence the proliferation of wildly expressive and divergent art forms, be they painting, poetry, writing, movies, video games, you name it.

Furthermore I am prepared to state: Due to the inherent savagery of this, our darkest hour, such fare as art has become our loftiest ideal. That is to say we exalt and hold our art on the highest pedestal. We champion our heroes and writers, be they Shakespeare or Andy Warhol, whose works we not only admire, but often speak of in hushed tones as being almost sacred.

I have hope for the human race, and believe that one day, the remaining collective will at last evolve past the dark age mire w…


the most terrifying prospect facing mankind is being free.
Truly, independantly, completely and actually free.
Because from the day we are born, everything, but absolutely
everything, is handed to us. Everything but our freedom;
that is something we have to work for. Perhaps
Freedom is never just handed over. It is taken & seized:
or it is denied. That is, should it ever come to that.
In truth, the great majority remain imprisoned in their worlds
handed over to them. Perhaps passing the world along
is all that keeps it alive. Perhaps we remain the world's slaves
so that it might be free.