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1. Our natural state is that of a whore.
2. Because one picture is worth a thousand words.
3. The more the exposure, the cheaper the appearance.
4. By controlling one's image, transcendance is possible.
5. Total exposure, the actual self, is the most base.
6. When revealing yourself, less equals more.
7. This is how you salvage some grace.
8. Knowing the painted is the real face.
9. So you see the unbridled danger of honesty.
10.How appropriate not to spread the truth.

Open Letter

Dear World,

Today I think I finally understand
something. How to end terrorism.
All terrorism, great and small.
Infernal or holy.

Think: Instead of maintaining
as we have for centuries, that "God is on our side"
(as if it were in contradiction to our adversary's situation)
why not instead try giving them the benefit of the doubt?

We could say to them "You are right and we are wrong.
There's just one thing. Real humanity represents
a mix of all that is most sublime and beautiful
with all that is most vile and monstrous in the world.
A vigorous thinker by the name of Michael once stated this.
We Americans understand now that in order to get over this,
we refer to one aspect as divine and the other bestial,
representing divinity and animality as two poles,
and in between we've placed ourselves, humanity.

We at long last have come to realize, in painful hindsight,
that these three states are not, and never have been,
seperate at all. And our history can be said…


The promotion of intellectual crime
by way of tanno-gallate of iron,
with gum arabic and water, used to
facilitate the infection of idiocy

may have transmogrified through
various properties and incantatory
rituals, from ink to email, but
the function remains the same, to make

reputations, and unmake them; to blacken
them or to make them white.
The caustic quest is to burn
these stories into the mind's eye.

Imperial associations are gradually corroded.
With these staves the music is woven with which
we charm the serpents of iniquity from guarding
our enemies' treasure. That being their secret identity.



Check out the reflections
and notice similarities,
shake out recollections and
get rid of the disparities.

There's an organization on the crawl,
it's left its shadow on the wall.
The imprints are diminishing and
respectively we're finishing

the arcs of each dream
strung out like a rosary
spinning us dizzy and
leaving simply no choice

but to choose to use
the protocols we confused
for inconveniences.
If change is the name

of the norm, then we
must modify our form
to not just embrace it,
but skilfully surf it.

Resistance is futile.
Hang Ten with each new wave.
Crunch the numbers and mold them
so they work for, not against us.

Do the math first;
minimize the worst.
Stay on top, and
get the drop.

Push against the blade
with a chain mailed fist.
Use that edge against them
so they cut their own wrist.

I'm sorry but I must insist
we get with the program before
the moderators get pissed
But here's the gist:

Allowing yourself to be
programmed is to follow
the rest and be damned.
Take the reigns and surf…

What If...

...There is no such thing as extraterrestrials,
only post-terrestrials (and pre-terrestrials).

...The vastness of space holds no alien life;
only across time can alien life forms emerge
(before or after us on the timeline).

...Earth is the virtual center of our creation.

We like to think of space as this sort of
"wide open area", like a vast room;
when in fact, space may be nothing of the sort.
Rather, it might be more like a vast labyrinth
comprised of the narrowest passages linking
to each other in an interminable array of
unpredictable twists and turns.

What if the wide gyre of sprawled starpoints
spread out before us in the night sky was
really nothing but the illumination reaching
us from long ago, now dead stars?
/end 'as if you haven't heard that before'
This would indicate that perhaps - the only
real, living portions of the universe are that
branch of the galaxy we are a part of. Said branch
would extend from our system from two (and only two)
directions; in one direc…