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File Under Dodo

You know what items I think are highest on the "soon to become a thing of the past" list ?

~Balls. We who enjoy a fine set of these things (guys-?) should really marvel over the fact that, well that we got 'em. Because balls are going out of style, and in my estimation, right out of the evolutionary order of things. Honestly its quite evident to me that anyone with a set of these outdated items should simply enjoy them while they can. Because not only are they going out of style, I'm beginning to suspect humanity is reaching that stage when parthenogenesis will supplant the old paradigm of sexual reproduction. Not only are balls going the way of the Dodo, but I'm afraid the "stems" to which they're attached (formerly known as the "male" of our species) may soon be relegated to Neanderthal status; that is, strictly a throwback to human evolution. I imagine a near future time when either most males will be neutered at birth until such time c…