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File Under Dodo

You know what items I think are highest on the "soon to become a thing of the past" list ?

~Balls. We who enjoy a fine set of these things (guys-?) should really marvel over the fact that, well that we got 'em. Because balls are going out of style, and in my estimation, right out of the evolutionary order of things. Honestly its quite evident to me that anyone with a set of these outdated items should simply enjoy them while they can. Because not only are they going out of style, I'm beginning to suspect humanity is reaching that stage when parthenogenesis will supplant the old paradigm of sexual reproduction. Not only are balls going the way of the Dodo, but I'm afraid the "stems" to which they're attached (formerly known as the "male" of our species) may soon be relegated to Neanderthal status; that is, strictly a throwback to human evolution. I imagine a near future time when either most males will be neutered at birth until such time comes that we are born asexual, ultimately - or just fast-forward to the inevitable extinction of the male sex altogether. I am convinced the males of our species have outlived their usefulness.

~Individuality. I think the problem going on now is one of an entirely different order than we might wish to imagine. First off, I think human life is, at this point in our history, and by definition, quite cheap. At 6 billion and counting, we’ve simply dissolved completely away whatever value our individual lives might once have had. Humankind is going through major changes in how it sets up its own basic life support system; I tend to think the rugged days of individualism itself are quickly becoming a thing of the past. What this means is, those of us who might fancy ourselves as “individualists” today are, by definition, throwbacks to a period in human history already quite done for. I.e, We who like to imagine we “think for ourselves” are like the few cavemen left struggling amidst a burgeoning sea of plugged-in drones who largely support our society, now. The capitalist-driven faction of our world, ironically set up by individualism itself, has reached a phase now wherein it must continue to be supported by a culture of faceless masses without the necessity to think for themselves. i.e, It (once “we”) now has Technology to do its thinking for it - -cellphones memorize our loved one’s phone numbers, iPods’ programmings select our choices of music, etc. I’m willing to bet my life that most Americans today plugged into their iPods and PS3s, etc, really couldn’t think for themselves and furthermore, wouldn’t really want to. Let’s be honest here - - why would you want to think for yourself if you can have your blackberry, iPod, or celly do it for you? Face it - thinking is going out of style. And that’s as it should be - - mankind has been burdened with having to think for itself for far too long, if you ask me. Which leads to the third most popular item on humanity's list soon to be struck from the record, so to speak:

~Thinking. Thinking itself is overrated - let the robots do that.

You think I’m being snarky or sarcastic ? Hahah, get your iPhone to think for you again. Give up your dream and hope of humanity “growing an extra set of testicles” any time in the future. And that’s because the balls we once had dropped long ago. And now they’ve shriveled up, soon to be relegated to the spurious sections of our anatomy; how much you wanna bet that sexual reproduction for our species will be the next thing to go, after our individuality? Like I mentioned before, it isn’t difficult for me to imagine a near future where most males are simply neutered at birth or just born without packages period, until parthenogenesis becomes the new human standard for reproduction of our species.

Yes I’m suggesting that not only are “balls” swiftly becoming a thing of the past, along with individualism and thinking; but more to the point -- if you or a loved one happen to *be* or *know* a male specimen of our species who still reads, thinks, and has balls — simply urge them (or yourself, whichever the case may be) to enjoy what they got while they got it — cuz all them "bells & whistles" are being relegated to the “recycle bin” of humanity’s evolution, even as we post. /"Smoke em while you got em"


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