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The empty focus

Why no talk about the empty focus inherent to Kepler's assertion
that planetary motion about the sun is elliptical? It's no secret
the Sun is but one of two focuses inside the ellipse.

If the Sun's mass is responsible for the motion of its
planetary bodies encircling it, then it follows that there must be
an explanation accounting for the empty focus, and whether or not anything is there at all, or perhaps something like dark matter, energy, flow, or possibly a dark sun.

Four theories jump immediately to mind.

1. Perhaps the two focuses inside an ellipse are not in actuality
restricted to being mere "points", but rather, perhaps those two points are but static instances along an additional ellipse (or circle) which describes the Sun's own path. (Just the next logical step in the progression of the next dimensional order of complexity.)

2. Perhaps the empty focus is the point where a dark sun occupies.

3. Perhaps the empty focus is the ideal spot to place a hid…