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revisionist history in a feedback loop

What is it about revisionist history I can't stand?
Let us examine the dynamic. First off, it sounds alright.
I mean, there's nothing wrong with revising one's perceptions
of how something might be, especially if those revisions are toward
improving accuracy, which of course would be the whole point
behind the intent for correct revision.

But before we get ahead of ourselves in revisionist exercises,
shouldn't we first and foremost have as best an understanding
of history before we go about revising it?
A problem with this recent phenomenon,
it's a given we're always re-vising
our perceptions of history
as a matter of course.

History is a lie, a dead shell, a sloughed off snake skin.
History is a story with bits polished up and others added in.
An amalgamation of our collective variety of different perspectives,
cobbled together into an abstract portrait serving as a place-holder
for something that can only approximate what really happened.

And the main reason for this is direct simplicity itself.
It's because whatever really did happen is actually still happening,
it hasn't finished resolving itself yet, new developments
completely redirect the course of significanse that our history takes.

History isn't over yet, and the problem is that the term itself insists
that it is, as if it could really be relegated into its proper context
seperate from its entire superstructure, as if the sense we can make
from one piece is clear. Well it is not clear at all,
and that is due to the holographic principle, that within each bit
is contained the whole, only blurrier, without proper focus.

In conclusion, history, no matter how many revisions it undergoes
in our perceptions of it, can never really achieve the degree
of focus we need to see clearly what really happened.

For that to occur, we must take into presence the
mindfulness that our current moment is but an
integral development along the winding tail
of history, continually in the process of
growing its head. I propose to you all
that history is but eventuality
in its birth pangs, and we are all
to be the midwives of this most
important of births: destiny.


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