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On the Perception of War with the Prokaryotes

There are ten times as many bacterial cells in the human flora
of bacteria as there are human cells in the body.

Think about that. It implies that the entire human being
is but 1/10th of its actual biomass - which is 90% bacteria.

i.e, We are not "ourselves" so much as we are appendages of bacteria.
We are bacteria's arms and legs. We are bacteria's eyes.
We are bacteria's ears, noses, and tongues.
We are bacteria's thumbs.

The arena of planet earth offers many different views from many different perspectives. Yet one perspective - the one further backed away - can better depict the whole in a more proper light. One such perspective is of a war being waged on this planet between the Eukaryotes (ourselves, animals, plants, fungi) and the Prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea -which lack a cell nucleus). Are the Prokaryotes the Ancient Ones? I'd wager it's a matter of some controversy whether they rule this earth by fully manipulating us Eukaryotes…