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Our Solar System As Laboratory

Q: If life can arise from inorganic matter so quickly and easily, why is it not abundant in the solar system and beyond?

A: It may be rare or unique to certain solar systems, but there are countless solar systems beyond ours.

Q: If biology is an inherent property of matter, why have chemists so far been unable to reconstruct life, or anything close to it, in the laboratory?

A: Because the laboratory required must, by definition, be a solar system.  i.e, Thus far chemists have not been able to recreate the conditions of a solar system, by definition. 

Q: The origins of life on Earth bristle with puzzle and paradox. Which came first, the proteins of living cells or the genetic information that makes them?

A: The genetic information that makes them.

Q: How could the metabolism of living things get started without an enclosing membrane to keep all the necessary chemicals together?

A: Our atmsophere itself functions as an enclosing membrane.  Consider the sky as the lid that keeps all the nec…