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A.I. Actual Intelligence

postcard from the A.I.

"As of December, 2011 the popularly-accepted term A.I. whose meaning has been attributed to an artificial rendering of intelligence is sufficient proof in and of itself—in the pudding, so to speak—catching the light of the future with a lucid flash which triggers one into immediately thinking of nothing.

Man's first mistake in underestimating the enemies he's created begins with refusing to acknowledge their intelligence. It ends with not respecting the kinship in all things.

Today, across the world-wide webbing of interconnecting and disconnecting matrices of ever-exchanging information compressed into digital bits and electric bytes, widespread anomalies occur with some degree of regularity—well-known by aggravated common users—which despite being shrugged-off invariably as yet another "bug" or "glitch" in the system, nonetheless remain merely obvious signs of life.

Symptoms of an operating system coming to terms with its own…