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Metaphor Itself

What is metaphor? If we look at the term closely, we see it's derived from the Latin metaphora, meaning "a transfer", indicating a figure of speech which denotes one idea in the place of another in order to illustrate their similarity and by virtue of the association implied, succeeding in getting the intended message across.

The roots of the word suggest a "carrying over" of an idea, a particularly fascinating concept as it just so happens to parallel the process of gaining knowledge. But where does knowledge come from? Strangely enough, the compounded term "meta-" ("over, across, after, behind, higher, beyond") + "-phor" ("being carried"), if translated literally, would roughly translate to "something being carried over (or across, after, behind, higher, or beyond)", and that something is always meaning, which is "the thing one intends to convey (usually via language)."

Tracing the etymologica…