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The Cosmic Serpent Train

the cosmic serpent train of thought
dreams a trigger deep inside
firing point blank at who we are
and freezing notions taught by rote
that cloud the mind in vapors numb
to the sensitive skin shed under the sun
and left as a clue for everyone to
show the nature of all is the same as one

by this i mean all that we dream
is essentially real and the pileup
of history a grave being dug with
the truth being busily swept under
the rug of our understandings from
people to cars and creation itself
while we hang out in bars may be a
self fulfilled prophecy under the stars

The exploration of the idea that our own imaginations and perceptions may in fact be, in the final analysis, the ultimate corrobarative source of knowledge in and of themselves, is one upon which I have only begun to embark. That is a way of stating that I do not rule out the speculative process itself as a potential avenue towards the ultimate truth (in fact I often wonder if indeed it may be the primary method at which to arrive there). Wh…

Speaking Thusly

Will to truth we be led by our powers that be?
If the old sacred laws are first shattered by we,
then yes.

Will lies we be fed until buried we all be?
If we swallow them whole, hook, and sinker,
then absolutely.

Is this what is meant by our God being dead?
Indeed that is what the Resurrection said,
"I am the truth."

Now is the time for us to believe.
We are the way.  We are the light.
We are the free.

To be free is to be bound to the machinery
of creation and to have found it our home
and fortress.

Reality (the Prison) is our own creation.
We alone hold the keys to our escape,