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A mended paper

We are part of the universal quill  The ink that matters from the dark Packed in a barrel invisible to this world The nib forged of an element Discovered winking in the Sun.
And the lightest agent of combustion  To produce water will be crowned  By a long buried sigil for unearthing.
So let flow the mimicry of your creeds Letting angels bleed stardust and demons   Sow seeds so the trail of lies you've left behind  Staining the very fabric of our lives might Be worth revising now if you don't mind.


What is behavior if not a symptom of what is happening?

Since it seems to be modified for different audiences,
what modifications, if any, take place for one's self?

If one must ask what's happening, may one ever know?
Go ahead and ask yourself, why behave like that?

Dream Harder

When we dream, we access reservoirs of impossible memories. How so? Easily. Realize: "magic" (embedded within "imagination") appears to literally be the force behind creation itself. (Look no further than the Uncertainty Principle for proof of this.) Most of us forget there are four possible known states of matter (not just the three typical states of solid, liquid, and gas). The fourth known state is plasma (lightning itself is a form of it). My point? To remind you to realize that the entire universe--every galaxy, fusioning star, planetary system, ecological niche, asteroid, mineral, protein, bacteria, molecule, and atom--is inherently connected to each other in a single tapestry. The complete "Big Picture" of our existence should be understood as a "singularity", that is, something which may best be described as having the quality of "Oneness." Anyone reading this should already know by now that there appears to be more "empty…