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Myth Appropriation

Value other people's mythologies.

Do not merely “tolerate” them: positively value them. The way I figure it, all peoples' and all cultures' various myths serve as keen insights into that great unknown. That undiscovered country that in order to try and understand, we are forced to fill in the blanks with our imaginations and apply our own interpretations of what “God” (or the lack thereof) might actually signify.

Why should we value other people's perceptions—? Their gods or religions, even in the face that we may not necessarily buy into them wholeheartedly—? Take a popular myth around the world, “Christianity”, for instance. I positively value that myth, and the teachings of its alleged savior, “Jesus Christ”, who was crucified to a cross—a common form of execution back in the day delegated to anyone from thieves, murderers, to petty criminals. Christ was a petty criminal in the eyes of the Roman Empire, which Pilate served. Right before Christ's impe…


Existence appears as a very peculiar condition. 

There seems to be no such thing as separation.  

Life forms fit together like metacarpals in a universal body.

Human babies are extensions of their parents.

The very idea of separateness seems irrational. 

Unknown power must reside within imagination itself. 

Anything that may be conceived by the mind can become real. 

Mankind  invents new ways of alienating itself.   

Humanity remains unique to this solar system.  

Perhaps our destiny will be to create separateness.

Every star of this galaxy might spawn its own form of life.