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A Message from One of the Capitols of Eden: Or, How We Suffer from an Inverse of the Understanding of Sacred Geometry

The reason we may as well be the aliens at the other side of our universe appears as a startling obvious truth which everyone seems to miss out on its direct simplicity.   The nature of our planet is roughly spherical, and the nature of outer space is such that any point within it is effectively as much the center of the totality as any other point, right?  Right.  Far from being a joke, this instead should be considered by everyone to be nothing but common sense.

Which means, that if you extended yourself in a singular direction unwaveringly away from this planet pointed anywhere, you might eventually, after crossing the unfathomable depths of outer space, reach the other side of our own Earth.  Sound childish?  That may be the reason most adult mentalities dismiss the potential for this possible cosmic truth out of hand.  Yet take a moment to realize the real potential of it, and you will see that, effectively, China may as well be considered one of those undiscovered countries on t…