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A Message from One of the Capitols of Eden: Or, How We Suffer from an Inverse of the Understanding of Sacred Geometry

The reason we may as well be the aliens at the other side of our universe appears as a startling obvious truth which everyone seems to miss out on its direct simplicity.   The nature of our planet is roughly spherical, and the nature of outer space is such that any point within it is effectively as much the center of the totality as any other point, right?  Right.  Far from being a joke, this instead should be considered by everyone to be nothing but common sense.

Which means, that if you extended yourself in a singular direction unwaveringly away from this planet pointed anywhere, you might eventually, after crossing the unfathomable depths of outer space, reach the other side of our own Earth.  Sound childish?  That may be the reason most adult mentalities dismiss the potential for this possible cosmic truth out of hand.  Yet take a moment to realize the real potential of it, and you will see that, effectively, China may as well be considered one of those undiscovered countries on the far fringes of our universe itself; and so we, too, must necessarily be considered that which appears truly alien, insofar as the cosmos is concerned, to them. And this dynamic goes for any race of people inhabiting this planet, the actual center (for us all gathered together here) of creation; and furthermore, each planetary body in there (referring to the constellations) might be considered one of the many (past and present) Capitols of our cosmic Edens, for lack of a better term.

Because we are all on this planetary vessel together, and dream as we might to escape our actual condition here, we mayn't for now, nor mightn't we ever get farther than the fringes of our own solar system, for that matter.  There are certainly plenty of satellites, moons, dwarf planets, and various Trans-Neptunian Objects for us to explore right here in our own solar back yard, anyhow.

What we are suffering from, here on Earth, is a condition which randomly strikes an unknown amount of sentient civilizations throughout the cosmos; or, quite possibly, may be a natural stage of development for all sentient species granted the opportunity to advance their civilization.   It's a curious phenomenon which reverses most everything we perceive, even logic itself, turning it inside-out, and rendering our condition of seeking to understand truth apparently hopeless, which may be why we continue to suffer through countless wars, man's inhumanity to man, etcetera.

That condition is most likely terminal ego-centrism. Which is probably what anyone reading this thinks is precisely the condition the author of this very passage is suffering from. Ironic?  Well I am human, after all.  Of course it's ironic, and it's merely a symptom of our collective egoism, which potentially renders logic itself inside out, remember.   No, it is our own perceptions which, when aimed away from this planet we were born on, and which dictates that out there must be other greener fields than Earth, that becomes the fundamental error in perceiving the real nature of our state of being.

Because in truth, and by the dictates of purely mathematical thus scientific principles, what we consider the cosmos out there turns out to be, in fact, the inner core of all creation;  this becomes an indisputable fact when one takes care to balance out the equation.  Thus rendering the point of our world and the human race as defacto the center of our actual universe. And for all intents and purposes—the entirety of it.

Think of it this way.  Everything we consider to be on the inside (our planet's nickel-iron core; our own bodies' organs and cells; and everything on a microscopic level, such as the atoms and electrons that make up all matter) in fact comprise the exterior of creation; while everything we typically consider to be out there on the outside remains in truth the inner core of the universe.  This is not in any conceivable manner a contradiction to reality; it's merely a contradiction to our reverse way of seeing things.

I hope you take the time to see how this works, and how stating that looking inwards from our perspective entails observing the expanding skein of the physically manifesting universe, and that looking outwards to the stars entails observing the interior of that skein—our universe; quite paradoxically, yes: which appears to be the nature of quantum reality (i.e, truth itself)—if you haven't figured that out yet.

Because universal existence is a relative thing entirely.  Each star spread out across the core of this creation is a potential nodal point from which life might emerge, if and when conditions align themselves properly.  And when they do—and the Mayfly we call a sentient species arises from negative existence into the static, and builds its hovel we deem civilization—the point of our live's journey is not to arrive so to speak; but rather, to live it to the best of our capacity, here, now, and to confront our innate challenges as a species and conquer not those territories which exist outside our own, but rather, to level the playing field of our shared territories so that everyone may prosper in relative equality.

Only then might we be granted the next level of our evolution; which, for all we know, might actually involve the contact of extraterrestrial races.  Yet if we keep destroying our own selves here on this planet in a fruitless quest of expanding our own respective individual  territories, we will have succeeded in nothing else but to have utterly compromised the real intent of our having been granted existence here in the first place.

Existence is an interactive phenomenon, and there is no difference between ourselves and the universe. We do not exist outside of nor separately from the cosmos. We are this universe. For lack of a better way of explaining it, we are each the digits of creation. The fingernails...claws, talons, and fingertips...the fingers themselves. We are the hands of creation; we are the thumbs of existence. We are the eyes, ears, and noses. We are the arms which reach out from the darkness, and grab ahold of the elemental ingredients necessary to cultivate our ongoing existence. We help carry forth our legacy into the beyond.

We dream of sending ambassadors as astronauts into deep space in the hopes of reaching out for and meeting up with alien civilizations.  Would we grant any extraterrestrial race the benefit of our respect, I wonder?  I already know the answer to that one, "It depends on whether they're evil or not." Whether they intend to conquer us or not would most likely be our rationale when contemplating an encounter.

And just why do you think that is?  Could it be that we are still thinking from the point of view of the primitive stage of conquerors, ourselves?   Because that is precisely how we are still conditioned to think.  So we impose those qualities which are our own—those aspects of our nature we can't help but unconsciously suspect others might be in possession of as well—all the while never thinking that we might be the real problem.

If it turns out that my seemingly childish fantasy were true—that foreigners here on Earth might just be the "alien civilizations" we've been looking in the wrong direction for all this time—would we be capable of sending an emissary to China (for instance) with all the diplomacy and respect due towards meeting up with another practically unknown race?  I don't know the answer to that; all I can suggest is, why not treat them and every other foreign culture on Earth as potential cosmic allies, as we might do with an extraterrestrial race in the unlikely event we happened to encounter one?

We might just become surprised if we put aside our petty squabbles and differences in order to work together, here on this only planet we happen to share. For as far as each one of us knows, this place might just be tantamount to our entire universe, right here on Earth.  Life itself might even open up new possibilities heretofore inaccessible to us due to our having been stuck in the counterproductive low gear of barbaric ego-centrism.

Why don't we just pretend that every other race here on this planet were indeed the sum remainder of all civilized sentient life in creation?  For all we know, it's all we've got. Oh right, I forgot:  because that would seem childish.   Speaking of aliens, the next time you are near a child, look upon him or her as a sentient being you might learn something from.  And carry the hope within your chest that the child you dismiss might one day grow into the person who will help lead us all from the selfish pathway of ego-centrism onto the enlightened path toward world (i.e, universalpeace and prosperity.


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