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Look at the Devil
as the embodiment
of  negative memes.

Call it chaos, reality
evil, whatever.

Anyone can sit
around providing proof
there's no such thing
as good or evil until
the cows come home.

At the end of the day
someone has to know
that evil is alive and well.

Sometimes things happen
between us we'd rather
not have happened.

We can choose to let
fate work it out,

stay out of it and let the gears
of the reeling cosmos execute
whatever justice they will.

That must be tempting
to a lot of us.

But if we do that
then any of a billion
equally terrifying fates
randomly await us.

I'd rather not place myself
on the yawning altar of space
as a piece of bait like that.

Instead I choose
to wield some form
of human moral code,

to interlock my shield
with fellow soldiers,

to direct Hell Itself
(the negative-thinking meme pool)
away from us,

to decant it back into
the vacuum it came from.

If we do nothing
the dark side of the wild
will seize the chance
to take root,

using our blood
for its fertile soi…


The micro verse lives,  
an active universe.  
Constellations in the 
macro verse become 
the ghost in the machine
deep inside.   Just look.  

We are present here at
the furthest boundaries  
of an expansive domain.  

If one wishes to know what
lies beyond the farthest 
points of this reality, 
they must only wait 
to see what happens 
directly about them. 

Without a doubt, we are 
the extra terrestrials.

The cosmos warps 
about us, our refutation 
of nonexistence arrives 
along time's axis 
in the spiraling wake 
of a wink out of stars.

Everything appears inside out 
which means that truth lies 
concealed within paradox.

Anywhere in space it is we 
who are the central point.

What we think of as outer 
space is really just time's 
mechanism, and what we 
believe to be the passage 
of time is only the space 
where life still fluorishes.