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Reflections on Pi

Mmmm, Pi . . . Let's see, where to begin. First off, Pi is an irrational number. Which means it can't be represented as a simple fraction. We all know it is represented by an endlessly non-repeating series of numbers to the right of the decimal point. In ancient Greece, the Pythagorean scholars discovered the first proof of irrational numbers by studying the sides of a pentagram. (The pentagram, as you most likely know, has represented everything from the 5 wounds of Jesus [nail through the right hand; nail through the left hand; nail through the right foot; nail through the left foot; and the spear driven through his side by Longinus] to having been associated with Freemasonry.) The pentagram is also utilized in the symbolism for neopagans and Satanists. To the Pythagorean scholars, the pentagram merely represented mathematical perfection, and served as a symbol of good health. The neopagans have circumscribed the pentagram and rendered it into the pentacle, representing the …

A Rose in the Dark

Let us discuss this with ourself.
Just what is this, if not an extension of that?
In other words this is that.
If we must ask questions does that not imply
we recognize the need for an answer?
If there is an answer it follows that by now
it's been archived somewhere on the worldwideweb.
The answers to the questions we commonly ask
are not out of reach, the questions are.
To ask which came first, the chicken or the egg,

reveals of the questioner their not having stopped
to consider that they are one and the same thing
completing an endless process.
To ask which came first is to be
ignorant of endlessness.
For only in eternity are questions
such as this one completely unnecessary.
The real question this begs is whether the questioner
exists outside eternity, or whether he remains
merely unenlightened within it.

Well this, the only question,
evaporates quickly because
one natural implication of infinity is
that it would consume and include everything
imagineable and as yet unimagined in addition
to everythin…