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Second Exodus

The Phaetonites were an advanced civilization which existed on a dwarf planet that was fifth from their life giving Star.  The habitable zone which encircled their Star in a vast ring encompassed most of the area in between the fourth and sixth planets of that system.   As in the formation of most solar systems, this widespread zone was heavily populated by many small planetoids and a higher frequency of interceding comets and asteroids.

It came to pass that the Phaetonites loved astronomy the most, and had devised advanced forms of telescopes with which to examine carefully their solar surroundings.  Their scientists had discovered a particular large asteroid heading towards them in a trajectory which was bound to collide with their own planet at a certain date in the future.

They had long known about the cause and nature of their habitable zone, and knew it to be gradually shrinking over an extended period of time.  They knew that eventually it would recede entirely away from their lo…