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for Jhon Longshaw

...the root of the word mystery lies in a secret 
or hidden meaning, from the Old Frenchmistere 
and the Latinmysterium,"A secret rite, a secret 
worship, or secret thing," and Greekmysterion, 
a secret rite or doctrine, and deeper tomystes
"one who has been initiated," in other words 
a mystic, where the sense goes back to the Old 
Frenchmistique and to the Latin mysticus 

One who has been initiated into being connected 
with the mysteries, associated with sacraments, 
exhibiting outward signs of an inward spiritual 
grace, like the eucharist, being a consecration 
and a mystery itself,  in other words sacred, 
which is to be made holy, in other words to be 
kept intact, a thing that could not be transgressed 
or violated, but kept whole, from Old Englishhal

"Entire, unhurt, healthy," where health is equated 
to being whole, sound, or well, from Old English
willan, "to wish" arising from will,  from Gothic
wiljan, "to will, wish, or desire…