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The most effective method to Clear a Paper Jam on the Samsung CLX-6210FX

Clearing Paper Jams

At the point when a paper jam happens, an admonition message shows up on the presentation screen. Allude to the guidelines underneath to find and clear the jam

Significant - Whenever expelling paper do as such without tearing. Pieces of paper left over become harder to expel. *NOTE: The message gives a manual for area of stuck paper. On the off chance that paper isn't situated in the recommended zone, continue to the following related region inside the machine.

In certain occurrences in the wake of clearing the jam, the Front Door must be opened and shut before blunder message will vanish.

Multi Purpose Tray

At the point when you are printing utilizing the 'Multi-reason' Tray and the machine distinguishes that there is no paper or it has been inappropriately stacked, follow the means

Stage ONE

Check if the sheet is trapped in the taking care of territory, if so grasp it with two hands and delicately and gradually pull it toward you.

On the off chance that you can't locate the stuck sheet, or if there is any opposition evacuating the sheet, quit pulling, close the multi-reason plate and go to stage two.

Stage TWO

Expel the paper plate from the machine and lay on a level surface


While expelling the paper plate consistently keep the plate level until it has been cleared

from the machine. Inability to do so can bring about dislodging the plate sensor.


Discharge and lift the 'internal spread' by pushing the two green switches.

With the 'internal spread' in the raised position,grip the sheet equitably and delicately pull until it is away from the plate.

Lower the 'internal spread' until it adjusts back properly.

Supplant the plate again into the machine, guaranteeing that the plate is kept even.

In the event that you can't locate any stuck paper right now, to stage four.

Paper Feed Area

In the event that a jam is in the feed region; follow the subsequent stages to discharge the stuck paper.

Significant - The four OPC's [green imaging rollers] are light touchy and will be influenced when presented to light. Try not to keep the front entryway open for broaden time.

Stage FOUR

Utilizing the handle open the front entryway and lower until it is totally open.

Stuck paper right now be jutting from under one of the green imaging rollers.

Hold the sheet equally on the two edges and expel by delicately pulling. It is imperative to abstain from tearing it so evacuate cautiously and gradually.

Significant - Do NOT surge the evacuation of stuck paper. It is significant not to tear the paper to leave hard to recover paper Fragments.

Close the entryway immovably and the machine will continue printing.

In the event that you can't locate the stuck paper or if there is any obstruction expelling paper, quit pulling and go to Step Five. Rollers are light touchy!

Stage FIVE

Close the front entryway.

Expel the paper plate. [Keep plate even when removing]

A jam right now become obvious when the plate is evacuated, delicately haul it straight out.

Adjust paper plate with the space and slide over into the machine.

Open the intro page [door] and close it. The machine will continue printing.

Fuser Area

On the off chance that paper is stuck in the fuser unit region, follow the subsequent stages to discharge the stuck paper.

The Fuser is hot, when expelling stuck paper from this territory practice alert and permit the machine to cool for roughly 5 minutes.

Stage SIX

Lift up the top spread until it is completely expanded. [Note: Clearing jams right now likewise secured by the decal under the cover]

Open the internal spread by utilizing the handle.

With the 'internal spread' raised, the fuser get together gets noticeable. The Fuser will be hot, watch high temperature cautioning name.

Raise the spread over the Fuser and lift the two green 'paper jam switches' that sit at either end.

Raising the 'paper jam switches' discharges pressure on any stuck paper right now.

Any paper stuck in the Fuser will get unmistakable, cautiously evacuate taking consideration not to tear and leave any paper sections in the fuser.

Return both green switches to their working position

Significant - Any parts of paper left in any of the 'paper jam zones' will bring about the Jam Message re-happening when machine is exchanged back on. On the off chance that there is no paper stuck right now, stage seven

Paper Exit Area

In the event that paper is stuck in the paper leave territory, follow the subsequent stages to discharge the stuck paper.


The 'paper leave region' is that piece of the machine where replicated/printed paper leaves the machine.

In the event that a long part of the paper is obvious from the front of the leave zone, haul it straight out.

Open and close front entryway immovably and the machine will continue printing. On the off chance that there is no paper stuck paper right now there is any protection from expelling paper, quit pulling and go to next methodology.

Open the top spread/check unit.

The paper exits into the paper plate from underneath the front of the 'opposite unit'.

Open the front of the 'opposite unit' utilizing the idea about it.

Cautiously evacuate the stuck paper out of the paper leave way.

On the off chance that there is any obstruction in expelling the paper or trouble holding the paper, quit pulling and turn the green 'discharge wheel' to evacuate any got paper.

Close the front of the 'converse unit'. In the event that you can't locate the stuck paper in the leave way, or there is opposition halting pulling and go to the subsequent stage.

At the back of the machine, bring down the entryway.

In the event that paper is unmistakable evacuate and check for paper which might be stuck in different pieces of the machine. • When the sum total of what paper has been evacuated, close back entryway and resume printing.


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